Data quality tools

Data quality tools measure how good and useful a data set is to serve its intended purpose. High quality data can lead to better decision-making and faster insights as well as reduce the costs of identifying and dealing with bad data in the system. It can also save time and allow companies to focus on more important tasks.


Dataedo is a metadata management & data catalog tool that helps you ensure data quality while documenting data. It is equipped with a data profiling feature, which allows you to use sample data to learn what data is stored in your data assets and if it is of good quality. It also has a data community module, which allows everyone to share their observations and feedback to data through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.

Commercial: Commercial
Data cleansing: No
Data Discovery & Search: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes
Data standarization: No
Free edition: No
Data Profiling - Dataedo Web
Dataedo Web Community


DataCleaner is a premier open source data quality solution. The heart of DataCleaner is a strong data profiling engine for discovering and analyzing the quality of your data. Find the patterns, missing values, character sets, and other characteristics of your data values.

Commercial: Free
Data cleansing: Yes
Data Discovery & Search: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes
Data standarization: No
Free edition: Yes

Data quality tools are the scripts that support the data quality processes and they heavily rely on identification, understanding, and correction of data errors. Data quality tool enhances the accuracy of the data and helps to ensure good data governance all across the data-driven cycle.

The common functions that each data quality tools must perform are:

• Data profiling
• Data monitoring
• Parsing
• Standardization
• Data enrichment
• Data cleansing

Choosing the right data quality tool is essential and impacts the final results. To help you with the right selection, we prepared a list of tools that will assist you with maintaining a high level of data quality.