Atlan is a Modern Data Workspace with the vision to enable data democratization within organizations, while maintaining the highest standards of governance and security. The diverse users of today's modern data team, ranging from data engineers to business users, come together to collaborate on Atlan. Atlan enables users to easily discover data with ML enabled data discovery & cataloging, understand data with automated data dictionaries, data profiling and documentation and build trust in the data with data lineage & data quality. This is augmented with a robust governance & security layer, an open architecture for APIs and a machine learning based bots & automation ecosystem. Data teams using Atlan are able to free upwards of 30% of their time-replacing manual, repetitive tasks with automation and minimizing dependency on IT.

Supported databases:
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You can find Atlan in these categories:

Atlan in Data catalog tools

Atlan in Data dictionary tools

Atlan in Data profiling tools

Atlan in Business Glossary tools

Atlan in Data quality tools

Atlan in Data lineage tools

Atlan in Metadata Management tools

Atlan in Data intelligence tools

Atlan in Data literacy tools

Atlan in Data democratization tools

Atlan in Data discovery tools

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