Dataedo is a powerful database documentation tool and metadata repository that allows you to collaboratively catalog, describe and classify your data in the data dictionary, build linked business glossary, explain and visualize data model with ERDs, and share everything in easily accessible HTML pages.

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Database Web Search
Database Web Table Diagram
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Data Profiling - Dataedo Desktop
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Manual discovery and classification
Automated discovery and classification
Supported databases:
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You can find Dataedo in these categories:

Dataedo in Database documentation tools

Dataedo in Extended properties editors

Dataedo in Data catalogs

Dataedo in Data dictionary tools

Dataedo in Database diagram / Reverse Engineering tools

Dataedo in Data profiling tools

Dataedo in Business Glossary tools

Dataedo in Database documentation generators

Dataedo in Data quality tools

Dataedo in Metadata Management tools

Dataedo in GDPR compliance software

Dataedo in Sensitive data discovery tools

Dataedo in Data Governance tools

Dataedo in GUI tools

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