Database documentation generators

List of tools that automatically generate documentation for your database. For more advanced capabilities see Database Documentation Tools


Dataedo enables you to create database documentation of your existing relational databases. It reads your schema and lets you easily describe each data element (tables and columns) and other database objects (like triggers, stored procedures, etc.) visually as ER diagrams.

Commercial: Commercial
Dependencies: Yes
Desktop/Cloud: Desktop
ER Diagram: Yes
Export: HTML,MS Excel,PDF
Free edition: No
Runs on: (for desktop): Mac OS,Windows
Database Web Export
Database Web Table Diagram

Spectral Core Documenter

Spectral Core Documenter is the easiest way to generate detailed documentation of your database. All tables, procedures, functions, triggers, and user-defined types are listed with every detail.

Commercial: Commercial
Dependencies: No
Desktop/Cloud: Desktop
ER Diagram: No
Export: CSV,HTML
Free edition: No
Runs on: (for desktop): Windows