Data intelligence tools

Data intelligence tools refer to the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools used by companies in order to analyze and transform data into information that is valuable and relevant for improving the company's operations.


Dataedo is an on-premises data catalog & metadata management tool. It allows you to catalog, document, and understand your data with a data dictionary, business glossary, and ERDs. It reads your schema and lets you easily describe each data element with descriptions, business-friendly aliases, and custom fields. It features a data community module, which allows you to crowdsource knowledge about data from everyone in your organization.

Data Catalog: Yes
Data Lineage: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes
Dataedo Web Community
Database Web Table Diagram
Database Web Business Glossary

Alation Data Catalog

Alation pioneered the data catalog market and is now leading its evolution into a platform for a broad range of data intelligence solutions including data search & discovery, data governance, stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation. Thanks to its powerful Behavioral Analysis Engine, inbuilt collaboration capabilities, and open interfaces, Alation combines machine learning with human insight to successfully tackle even the most demanding challenges in data and metadata management.

Data Catalog: Yes
Data Lineage: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes

The use of data intelligence tools improves the understanding of data and leads to better decision making in the future. There are other, various benefits that data intelligence tools can bring into the company. Some of them are:

• Providing correct context for datasets.
• Improving data quality.
• Increasing data accessibility.

In an evolving world of technology, data intelligence is crucial for the company's growth. It can help understand consumer preferences as well as a company's investment and its effectiveness. Through data analysis the company can view which areas can be optimized and present approaches that might be more beneficial for the future.

To help you find the right tool for your organization, we have put together this list of best data intelligence tools.