Extended properties editors

List of tools that allow editing of SQL Server extended properties.
Direct - read and save extended properties from SQL Server database.
Repository - edit metadata in separate repository and enable synchronization.
Custom fields - whether tool enables editing custom extended properties, apart MS_Description.


Dataedo enables you to catalog, document and understand your data with Data Dictionary, Business Glossary and ERDs. It enables to document your relational databases and share documentation in interactive HTML.

Generate documentation: Yes
Type: Repository
Extended properties: Custom fields
Commercial: Commercial
Free edition: No
Dataedo Schema Changes
Database Web Export
Database Web Edit

DTM Schema Reporter

DTM Schema Reporter is a documenting tool for database schema. This utility helps technical writers, developers, and database administrators create a database schema report within seconds. With DTM Schema Reporter the user can analyze and audit database structure, create schema documentation, train your employees, create a hard copy of the structure snapshots, etc.

Generate documentation: Yes
Type: Direct
Extended properties: Just MS_Description
Commercial: Commercial
Free edition: Yes