SQL Parsing Tools for MS Access

Active Query Builder

Active Query Builder is a full-featured component suite for software developers. It includes an SQL Query Parser to build an SQL query object model of any given SQL query and a Visual Query Builder component to design SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface. Moreover, it includes an SQL Text Editor with code completion and syntax highlighting, along with a highly-customizable SQL Query Text Formatter. In short, it gives end users a clear view of their queries and database schema.

Export: Plain text,XML
Free edition: No
Query analysis: Yes
Query optimalization: Yes
Syntax validation: Yes

Log Parser Lizard GUI

Log Parser GUI is a powerful log parsing and data querying software that allows you to easily extract valuable information from your logs using the power of SQL queries. With Log Parser Lizard, you can easily parse various system or application logs and then execute SQL queries against them with ease. The software provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Microsoft Log Parser 2.2, an advanced file-parsing engine from Microsoft that runs on all versions of Windows.

Export: HTML,JSON,MS Excel,PDF,Plain text,RTF,CSV
Free edition: Yes
Query analysis: Yes
Query optimalization: Yes
Syntax validation: No