Reference Data Management tools for Memcached

Reference data management tools help manage and bring consistency to your data. They enable business users to aggregate data quickly and understand the overall condition of the business. Reference data tends to be overlooked in many enterprises but although its amount in most organizations is relatively small, it can cause a major difference in data management.

Informatica Reference 360

Informatica Reference 360 is a cloud-based reference data management solution. It offers easy to use and configurable dashboard for managing the complete lifecycle of reference data. It lets you manage simple and complex hierarchies, while offers flexibility to model simple and complex reference codes and relationships.

Commercial: Commercial
Data Quality Management: Yes
Data validation: Yes
Free edition: No

Reference data is the most shared class of data in an entire organization. It impacts daily operations and contains valuable insights. In order to deliver its value, reference data management tools allow access and distribution of reference data across multiple systems and help data stewards populate and manage it over time.

Reference data management tools are not only automating workflows but also:

Minimizing errors and inefficiencies,

Reducing data and operational management cost,

Mapping data,

Comparing data from various parts of the organization.

Presented above is the list of paid solutions for reference data management that can also take care of data quality management and data validation.