Metadata Management tools for Splunk

List of metadata management tools

Metadata management tool is a solution that supplements the data stored by the enterprise environment with useful information. Proper metadata management is a crucial factor to make information searchable, easy to locate and understand. Such tools add meaningful context to raw data, making it convenient to discover even by non-IT members of an organization.

Ataccama Metadata Management & Data Catalog

Ataccama Metadata Management & Data Catalog is an AI-powered metadata management module. It’s a central storage for all of your metadata—imported from other sources, crowdsourced, or automatically captured in continuous data discovery processes.

Business Glossary: Yes
Change history: Yes
Data Classification: Yes
Data Lineage: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes
On premises/cloud: On premises
Rating of assets: No
Reference data: No
Support for workflow: No

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog is an open and intelligent data catalog for managing enterprise data and AI model governance, quality and collaboration. It provides unique capabilities that include automated data discovery and metadata generation, ML-extracted business glossary from most common regulatory terms, and many more.

Business Glossary: Yes
Change history: No
Data Classification: Yes
Data Lineage: Yes
Data Profiling: Yes
On premises/cloud: Cloud
Rating of assets: Yes
Reference data: Yes
Support for workflow: Yes

Metadata management tools are usually multifunctional programs that provide a wide spectrum of usability. They include functionalities such as:
• Data catalog,
• compatibility with multiple connectors, making the tool a single source of truth about the data from different repositories,
• Business glossary,
• Data lineage,
• Data profiling,
• Impact analysis,
• Metadata ingestion and translation.

From the organization's point of view, the ability to export the created documentation into user-friendly formats is also important. What is more, some of the tools offer a community module, which facilitates the information flow.

Metadata management solutions oversee data across its entire lifecycle. This typically covers four primary areas: data analysis, data value, data governance, risk and compliance.

 Proper metadata management implementation allows for standardized metadata definitions, management, and maintenance of information across the organization for greater business efficiency. 

 Today, as data becomes increasingly important to the growth of company performance, choosing the right way to manage it is equally essential.

To help you find the right tool for your organization, we have put together this list of best metadata management solutions.