GUI tools for Firebase Realtime Database

Graphical user interface (GUI) tools consist of an interface that includes visual components such as buttons or icons, through which the user interacts with electronic devices. The biggest advantage of graphical user interface is an improvement in usability for the average person. It gives the ability to perform various tasks on an electronic device, without any programming knowledge.


Retool gives you a multi-purpose, cross-platform SQL GUI so you can quickly build apps on top of your data. Connecting Retool to your SQL DB lets you run queries, inspect your schema and database objects, and auto-complete in our IDE. Manage, manipulate, and visualize your data with custom components instead of getting stuck in a CLI.

Desktop/Cloud: Cloud
Free edition: Yes
Schema design: No
Commercial: Commercial
Forward engineering: No
Reverse enginering: No

The key feature of GUI tools is to present system resources, in graphical objects, that are easy to find, understand and use. Through these elements users have an easy access to interact with and manipulate available functions. They allow us to speed up the most frequent tasks in the easiest and most accessible way.

We prepared simple data modeling tools as well as more advanced GUI tools for visually designing and managing databases.