Data lineage tools

Data lineage tools are software that allows to extract, view and analyze data lineage. Data lineage is the process of understanding and visualizing data flow from the source to different destinations. It allows to create a map of the data journey through the entire ecosystem.

Talend Data Catalog

Talend Data Catalog gives your organization a single, secure point of control for your data. Its data flow lineage feature allows you to narrow in on specific objects and shows you how these objects are related to each other, within a model, an external metadata repository, or a configuration. The data flow lineage is based upon connection definitions to data stores and physical transformation rules which transform and move the data.

BI Tools lineage: No
Commercial: Commercial
Data migration tools lineage: No
Data warehouses lineage: No
ETLs: Yes
Free edition: No
Hadoop: Yes
NoSQL: Yes
Pipelines lineage: Yes

Data lineage forms the foundation for accurate data analytics and management. The core features of data lineage focuses on:

• Identifying data quality issues.
• Performing root cause analysis.
• Enabling to understand which data sources are outdated or which datasets are relevant.
• Minimizing the risk of migration projects.
• Providing transparency over the life cycle of data.

Data lineage tools map the data flow and help you understand where the data originated, how it flows and transforms. To help you find the right tool for your company, we prepared a list that includes some of the best data lineage tools.