Data compare tools

List of data compare, synchronization and migration tools.

Data comparison is a process to inspect the structural differences between the source database and the target one. To carry out the comparison process, databases must meet the conditions of compatibility. However, some comparison tools have the ability to synchronize resources whose original schemas did not match each other.

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a tool for table data comparison and synchronization. With PostgreSQL data compare tool, you can detect data differences in compared PostgreSQL tables. You can also generate data synchronization script and execute it to eliminate all these differences.

Runs on: (for desktop): Windows
Data sync: Yes
Schema comare: No
Schema sync: No
Commercial: Commercial
Free edition: No

The core functions provided by data compare tools are:
• Compare and synchronize database from different engines,
• Presentation of comparison results,
• Save a comparison plan.
• Export results as reports to user-friendly formats (HTML, Excell, PDF, etc.),

More advanced tools allow for rich customization options, as well as automation of comparison and sync processes.

Data comparison tools are useful where a comparison of data entries, database schemas and its contents (tables, views, etc.) is required. These tools significantly speed up the time-consuming process of manually searching two or more data resources. What's more, the use of automatic data comparison tools is much more reliable than manual comparison. Typical cases where data compare tools are used:
• Comparison of databases from two or more sources (different platforms are acceptable),
• Comparison of physical resources, with the amount on the page,
• Comparison of customer target groups,
• Other cross-database activities,

In our list, there is a place for free programs, as well as advanced ones, which enables a trial version (with time and/or feature limitations).